Features of Real Estate is a Team Sport


Recruit Your Team :

You will learn who to recruit for your team and how to find them.


Key Points :

An understanding of the key points that savvy real estate investors know.


E-Learning Training Program :

Available in July 2015 - Build your team and much more.


Smart Questions :

The practical questions you have to ask to get accurate information.


Alarm Bells :

Be on the look out for what should make your alarm bell ring.


Real Life Examples :

Real life investing examples that you can adapt and apply to your own strategy.


About the author

John Carney is a highly-respected Thought Leader in the specialised and lucrative field of real estate investing. As a third generation property investor/developer he has achieved (and continues to build upon) his own wealth creation and lifestyle freedom. His property deals in the US, Australia and Indonesia have amassed generous profit and comprehensive international experience.

A published author and sought-after international keynote speaker, John’s popular presentation and book, Real Estate is a Team Sport. The Nine Players You Need to Profit, outlines the steps to become a smarter, more profitable property investor.

John teaches investors to plan for the future and build cash flow positive real estate assets in order to multiply their wealth. He believes the more a person exercises their investment muscle and ‘plays the game’, the closer they come to achieving the BIG WIN.

John’s knowledge is interchangeable between the US and Australian real estate markets, which has enabled him to build an extensive list of clients in both hemispheres.. He’s helped many clients to achieve their own levels of financial freedom.

John Carney provides a wonderfully unique perspective on the challenging world of property investing. I admire his approach to building the right investment team - and making it a win/win for all involved. This is a long term strategy that is simply smart, yet it seems rare. Congratulations on writing a very clever book that every property investor needs to read.

- Andrew Griffith, Australia's #1 Small Business Author www.andrewgriffiths.com.au
John Carney’s Real Estate is a Team Sport is an both an interesting and useful read; well written and clearly explained with relevant case studies. I think that if you are going to invest in property either as sourcing and buying existing property or doing a new-build property development this is an important reference and in my own investing experience knowing this - first - would have saved me a lot of wasted time and money

- Andrew Priestley London, England
I had the pleasure of hearing John speak at the launch of Real Estate Is A Team Sport. As an accountant and qualified financial planner, I have a passion for helping people grow their personal wealth. John’s simple yet powerful process embodies everything I tell my clients: yes you can do it yourself, but with less efficiency, more mistakes, and a lot less profit than if you get a winning team behind you. John’s book lays out a step-by-step process for getting ahead in the property game, and freeing you up to operate in your genius.

- Jason Cunningham, small business expert and author of ‘Have Your Cake and Sell It Too’
For beginning real estate investors, this book is a must have. John does a great job introducing all the team members needed to close on investment property. He weaves in personal-investment stories along the way that tie it all together and make it simple yet substantive.

- Joe Fairless, Host of the 'Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever Show'

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